What inspired me to to be a writer and did I always want to write? Did my childhood inspire any of my books? Who's my favorite author? If you want to know the answers, check out the links below. Some interviews are casual and silly (I believe in staying true to one's character) while others are a tad more serious. But as you step into my mind, make sure you don't get cobwebs on your feet!
02/25/2017-- "Unshakeable Determination" with James Miller

2016--              "The George Wilder Show"

06/23/2016-- "Amelia Frump reading" with Lu and Bean Read

05/25/2016-- "Bouncing Back..." with We Choose Respect

04/22/2016-- "Life Lessons" with Jonathan Mertz

03/17/2016-- "Breaking Through and Overcoming" with Tony Gambone

08/14/2012-- Story Time For Kids (reading of Amelia Frump...)

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05/-/2016-  -    An Interview With Award-Winning Author, Debbie Roppolo

12/13/2011-- Interview by Donna McDine .

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