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Amelia Frump...(book 1)

In a time when a lot of children's literature have dark undertones, Amelia Frump & Her Peanut Butter Loving Overactive Imagination is refreshing. The main character, Amelia Frump, is a nine year old whose personality reminds me of Beverly Cleary's Ramona: inquisitive and sassy . It's her imagination that causes her the most grief, but makes the reader giggle and sometimes laugh out loud; plus, there's just enough suspense to keep the reader wondering what will happen next.   -- Courtney

Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Overactive Imagination, November 8, 2011
The writer did such a superb job in portraying this young girl's imagination. I highly recommend this as a great gift or just a fun book for your children. It was so enjoyable, I read it twice when I received it! -- Sasha

This is a cute stoiry with great illustrations. The book will help children who are afraid of things that go "bump in the night" and they are a little older and don't want anyone to know their fears. It will help them to learn that they aren't the only children who feel this way from time to time. The parents can understand and encourage their children that we all must move one.-- By James W. Harris IV "& Paulette L. Harris"

Amelia Cooking Up a Peanut Butter Storm

A cute, whimsical, cookbook with easy to follow instructions, safety tips, delicious sounding recipes, and fun activities! My kids love helping me cook, and I appreciate the activities in this book so that they don't get bored during times when they have to wait! Also, you can't go wrong with peanut butter! As long as your not allergic... ;) -- S. Walker

This is really a cute book, great way to get kids in the kitchen. It even got my teenager in there. My daughter loved the activities and the recipes. I love the safety list at the front, it includes things I would have normally forgot.-- Kindle Customer

The Toilet Is Over-Flowing & The Dog Is Wearing My Underwear

This is a heartwarming book full of anecdotes teaching us all to see the lighter side of parenting, May 21, 2016

This review is from: The Toilet Is Over-Flowing & The Dog Is Wearing My Underwear (Paperback)
If only most of us could have a sense of humor and take parenting in stride raising our children might be more of a joy than the hardships we feel it is from time to time. It's just not the case for most of us with the responsibility of having a small life depending on us.
I never thought of the early years after my daughter's birth as funny or could I have turned most of the day to day problems and headaches into a comedy routine. BUT, Author Debbie Roppolo has a knack for doing just that even with the many surprises and heartaches that she faced daily.
Debbie takes a light hearted look at taking family trips with her boys, and how their smelly feet and day-old spilled ice cream embedded in upholstery are indistinguishable: how kissing a porch post came about: what you can do with coffee grinds and olive oil: and how she ended up taking one of her sons' to the Vet just to name a few.
The Toilet is Overflowing & the Dog is Wearing My Underwear is a heartwarming book full of anecdotes teaching us all to see the lighter side of life with laughter. It made me take a look back at some fightening events and see the funny side of them I can laugh at now, though I shed many tears then. I laughed as I read. You will love this a
book, too.-- J.D. Holiday

I tend to read new books at night, while my husband is fast asleep and snoring next to me. Debbie Roppolo’s words had me laughing so hard in places that my husband gave up on sleep pretty quickly. The Toilet is Over-Flowing & The Dog is Wearing My Underwear! is one of the funniest collections of anecdotes about watching your children grow up and adapting to each day as it comes. I will be reading this book each time I need a good laugh, because Debbie Roppolo certainly hits some home-runs in this wonderful, hilarious book. -- Rosie Malezer

I enjoyed her book so much that I have read it twice so far. If you love to read humorous books or if you need a book that will make you laugh until you cry, then this a book you want.--Lisa Binon  Read the full review here.

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